Lessons from Global Civil Society Organizations: Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) and Grameen Bank

Critical changes that become turning points in world history may not always occur from the government or the private sector, but may happen through the work of civil society organizations. This was especially so in the case of the Grameen Bank and the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC), both of which have made financial systems at the micro level, or “microfinance”, become a global industry. Read More


I had the opportunity to read the November 2018 issue of Scientific American, a popular US science magazine, the articles in which focused on various aspects of the interesting issue of inequality. One article, in particular, written by Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel prize-winning economist, analyzes the causes of US economic inequality and proposes clear guidelines for solving this problem. Read More

7HW Model: Overcoming the 7 Human Weaknesses towards Successful Leadership

The ability to make sound decisions is what sets the leaders apart from the followers.

One of the primary characteristics of strong leaders lies in their ability to make wise decisions. The greater the leadership position, the more critical it is for leaders to make shrewd and refined judgements, since the higher role not only brings with it more complex challenges, but also a magnified influence of the leaders’ actions that extends across whole organizations. Read More

The Proposal for Thailand’s 20-Year Logistics Development Strategy

The development of the country’s logistics and supply chain is very important because efficient logistics will reduce the cost of economic activities, increase the volume of transactions and trade, create value in the economy and expand the overall economy. For this reason, the government needs to prioritize the country’s logistics strategy. Recently, I was honored to be a speaker on the topic of “Direction of Development of Thailand’s Logistics System” towards formulation of Thailand’s 20-year logistics strategy (2017 – 2036) at the meeting of the Logistics Study Sub-Committee under the Transport Commission, National Legislative Assembly of Thailand. I made quite a few suggestions for the preparation of the country’s logistics strategy. For example: Read More

Suggestions on Thai Motorway Development

Suggestions on Thai Motorway Development[1]

Recently, I was honored by the Inter-City Motorways Division, Department of Highways to be a keynote speaker for a seminar held on the topic of “Co-thinking & Co-planning for the Future of Thai Motorways”. This event was convened under a project to identify strategies for the development of motor expressways connecting different cities of Thailand. Read More