Thailand 4.0 and Cultural Capital

The Thai Government is making efforts to introduce a policy, entailing the idea of an economy driven by innovation and technology, Thailand 4.0. The general inclination of the policy is towards the contemporary services sector and not the traditional, capital intensive industrial sector.  At the core, the policy aims to create a knowledge-based economy, rendering growth and value from a concoction of contemporary (science, technology and creativity) and traditional (culture) knowledge bases.

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D-Commerce: Opportunity for Thai Small Businesses

D-Commerce stands for Decentralized Commerce which is one type of an E-Commerce. It is a Business-to-Business (B2B) online business. 

D-Commerce helps promote the gathering of small retailers that enable consumers, small producers, wholesalers, and retailers to combine  their purchasing volume for goods, raw materials or services from one or more suppliers and to place  their orders directly to suppliers, in a short or instant period of time. This type of commerce is different from the traditional e-commerce in which sellers need to have their e-shops on established platforms such as Amazon or Alibaba, etc..

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The Development of Thailand Effectiveness Index (1): Public Sector Effectiveness Index (PBE Index)

Due to limited resources and a lack of sufficiently appropriate personnel and sufficient competence amongst them, the public sector should not be the only sector responsible for driving the country forward. I believe that the private sector, the people sector (civil society sector) all need to participate and contribute in developing the country together. If these three sectors strongly cooperate with each other, the country will move forward more quickly and more successfully since all these sectors would be contributing their individual strengths which would help support each of them.

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Can Bangkok be the capital city of the ASEAN region? (1)

Once the war of election between Bangkok governor candidates ended, the winner has the responsibility of following the policy according to his campaigns promoted to the people. However, the main responsibility which Bangkok governor cannot ignore is to develop Bangkok to be prepared with the opening of AEC. One important point to focus on is how to turn Bangkok into the capital city of ASEAN.

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How does the opening of ASEAN community relate to the people of Bangkok? : Opportunities (2)

     In every situation, there exist both opportunities and threats which depend on perspectives and attitudes. I have analyzed the effects of entering into the ASEAN Community in the previous article. In this article, I will point out the opportunities that will be occurring from the emergence of the ASEAN Community for the people of Bangkok in many ways which is as follows: 

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How does the opening of ASEAN community relate to the people of Bangkok? : The effects (1)

    Recently, I have analyzed and written a lot about entering into the ASEAN community and have given a general picture. However, as Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand, it is the center for many activities. I, therefore, think that it will be very beneficial if there are detailed analyses conducted to find out answers to how the opening of the ASEAN community would affect Bangkok and people who live in Bangkok. 
     Entering and becoming one of the members of the ASEAN community affects the people of Bangkok in many ways and these are as follows.

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Thailand after the opening of AEC (1)

The ASEAN community has become one of the most commonly spoken about issue; however, recent surveys found out that Thai?s having knowledge and understanding on ASEAN community are just a few in numbers. This could make many Thai?s lose out on the opportunity or be unprepared in taking advantage of the upcoming change which will be occurring in no time.

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The Economic Relations between Thailand and North East India (End)

In the previous article, I have mentioned the lecture on the topic of ?Economic Relations between North East India and Thailand through the Thai perspective at Manipur University, India this past March.

I have talked about the cooperation on economic activities between the two countries, infrastructure projects especially the transportation linked from Thailand to North East India, the opportunities and limitations in trade, investment, and tourisms which exist between the two countries. Read More

The economic relations between Thailand and North East India (1)

I was invited to give a speech at an international conference on the topic of ?The economic relations between North East India and Thailand from a Thai perspective? at Manipur Central University in Imphal, India on the 24th of March, 2014.

The organizer of the event specified the objective of the speech which was to be able to know the economic relationship between Thailand and the region of India from my perspective, including the opportunities, limitations, and suggestions on developing the relationship from a Thai scholar?s perspective. Read More