I had the opportunity to read the November 2018 issue of Scientific American, a popular US science magazine, the articles in which focused on various aspects of the interesting issue of inequality. One article, in particular, written by Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel prize-winning economist, analyzes the causes of US economic inequality and proposes clear guidelines for solving this problem. Read More

Thai economic trends after the National Council for Peace and Order era (part 2)


In the previous article, in the first section I have presented the Thai economic trends after the NCPO, including the growth of the economy along the borders, the lack of skilled labor, and an increasing labor wage. In this article, I will be presenting further Thai economic trends after the NCPO era as the following issues.

The forth trend: ?An expansion of E-Business?

The business transactions made through the Internet will expand; including marketing and advertising through online media; purchasing products and services via the ?internet such as Tesco Lotus that has entered into e-retail business; paying through electronic systems (e-payment) including paying via mobile devices and tablets.

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